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Today all of the school in my area closed due to a large amount of snow we are supposed to receive today and I can honestly say I am soooo over the winter. It makes me so jealous to see all of these bloggers who live in warmer climates I live vicariously through them. So, on this snow day to make myself feel better I have compiled a small list of all the items that are on my wishlist for the upcoming spring season.

There are so many cute tops that are available for this spring season, this off the shoulder top with the lemon detailing is so cute and gives off such a spring vibe. I have a thing for off the shoulder tops as you can tell through just this list. Both of these tops from Francesca's have such beautiful detailing on them. I'm also in love with this oversized tunic, which is a little pricey but I can see getting so much use out of this that I think it would be a good investment.

How cute is this Kate Spade bag from their new spring line?! The whole line just screams out spring vibes, they even have a bag that looks like a picnic basket, I mean how cute?! I also added these aviator sunglasses to my wishlist, because I have been wanting ray ban ones but I feel like I'm not an aviator person so I don't want to spend tons of money when these rose gold ones from Target for 17$ are just as cute.

I feel ashamed because I may have said how ugly I thought mules were awhile back and now I own way too many pairs of mules. These pink mules from Target will be the next pair to add to my collection. I also found these booties, which are exactly what I have been looking for, I think these are the perfect transition from winter to spring shoe and they look so cute with so many outfits. These are perfect to wear with a dress but also with white jeans and this top.

If I didn't want spring to come soon I definitely want spring to come now after going through all these items.

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