Grey Turtleneck Sweater

5:00 AM

Jacket: Gap (Similar and Similar) | Turtleneck: JCrew (very similar) | Jeans: Banana Republic |
 Boots: Target | Tote: Mark & Hall 

These days it's honestly just been way to cold outside to even consider dressing up or think about anything other than not being cold. Thankfully we have had a couple of days that snuck where you walk outside and you don't feel like you have icicles coming out of your eyes. This Saturday was sort of one of those days, Kyle and I went up to Saratoga and checked out Chowderfest. After we ate our weight in chowder we went back home and ran some errands before heading to dinner with some friends.  Overall a good weekend, and sad that it is Monday. 

Turtlenecks are something that I think will always be in, this pattern is currently sold out at JCrew but they have this one which is the same style. I always roll the sleeves up on my sweaters because one, I like the look of it better that way and two, nine times out of ten the sleeves are way too long for my arms. Like I said we went to Chowderfest and this was the perfect outfit for that, but this outfit can be worn to so many different places such as a dress down day for work. Paired with this Mark & Hall tote bag it is perfect for errands, school, or work. 

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