Words of Affirmation for the Cold Winter Months

5:00 AM

Have you ever found yourself feeling down about yourself or doubtful? Maybe you've had a rough day or maybe you're just struggling to keep your chin up, but sometimes loving yourself can be really hard. That's why repeating quotes or affirmations to yourself can be so helpful!

Using this self-love generator from Gifts you can find the perfect quote or affirmation for what you need. For instance, if you are struggling with self-esteem or self-acceptance, you can filter your quotes and affirmations so that it shows you encouraging words like "I am enough" or "I value myself and my imperfections." It's a great way to find exactly the words you need to hear so you can feel good and value yourself and your worth.

With the semester starting this week, quotes like these can be really important when the overload of assignments and information hits. Positive words are also an amazing reminder in everyday life of how amazing you are. 

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