Winter Hair Care Essentials

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I recently wrote a post all about my favorite item for winter, you can see that post here. In that post, I didn't focus on hair, but in the winter time, my hair can really feel the effects of the cold air and the big coats that have to be worn. My hair becomes a big ball of static and I don't think I have a bigger pet peeve that static hair. I have a few tips that I have found to fix that so we will get to those later on in this post.

There are a few products that I swear by during the winter months to keep my hair looking healthy. The first is this shampoo by the company maple holistics, it is made with natural tree oil which allows for therapeutic benefits and can improve your scalp health. There is also a conditioner that corresponds to this shampoo which I am dying to try out, but for now, I am using the tresemmé moisture rich conditioner. I am currently loving the combination of this shampoo and this conditioner together. This company is really awesome because they have a free samples program which you can sign up for if you click here.

Other than shampoo and conditioner I don't use much on my hair unless I am using heat on it. If I am going blow dry my hair I like to apply the Pantene BB Cream. It's a cream that I run through my hair while its wet right before I dry it. 

My hair tends to get super oily if I don't wash it every single day which is something that I am currently working on trying to change (not as easy as one would think). So the perfect dry shampoo is something that I am always on the hunt for. To be honest, if you haven't heard about Batiste dry shampoo you're doing life wrong. I also try to try a new one and always resort back to this one. 

Thanks to Maple Holistics for collaborating on today's post!

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