What I Got From the Lilly Sale | What I Wish I Got

5:00 AM

At the end of the year, I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree from college and every time I have a big moment in my life I have to get a Lilly dress to wear. This year Kyle was kind enough to let me pick out a Lilly dress during the sale to get for graduation.

I picked out this Mila Shift dress mainly because of the detailing along the neckline I think it is so different and such a cute statement piece. I love this bright print which is going to look so pretty this summer and I am so excited to get it!!

So this year this is the only piece I got because I am on a budget and I'm trying to save money for my new car but there were so many other things I could have bought this year. 

*All of these things linked above are from the sale but from other stores and may not be on sale. They also may be other patterns than the ones that were included in the sale.

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