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Weekly Review: This past week was my first week back at school, I don't have classes on Tuesday and Thursday this semester so I didn't start until Wednesday. I am mostly taking online classes this semester so I really have to utilize my planner and make sure I'm staying on top of my work this semester.

Weekend Happenings: This weekend I have a big family party which is always so fun to see everyone and gets the whole family together. On Sunday we are heading to Vermont to go skiing for the day, we are going to Mount Snow which is my favorite mountain. 

Favorite Things on The Internet (blogger edition):
  • Carly the Prepster: I check Carly's blog every day, I am obsessed with her style and her writing. Her blog is so crisp and clean and she has amazing tips and the cutest dogs ever. Her style is the one I most relate to.
  • The Sweetest Thing Blog: OMG Emily Gemma has the cutest baby Luke and the best style. I really like her blog but I love to follow her along on insta stories and snapchat, she is so real on those two social media platforms.
  • Lonestar Southern: I love Kate's blog, she is such a cute person and I would like to be her best friend! Through her blog, you can tell that she is such a sweet person.

Favorite Finds:

  • Ellen's new TV show: Ellen has a new TV show called Ellen's Game of Game's, if you haven't seen this show then you need to stop what you are doing and go watch it. First of all, Ellen is just plain hysterical but then you add in these games that she makes these people do and it is the funniest show ever, I was watching it with my mom and she said she was sad when it's over. It's a must watch.
  • Ember mug: If you read my morning routine post from last week then you would know that I reheat my coffee multiple times a day because it keeps getting cold. Well, this Ember mug would solve all of my problems. I really want one but they are a little on the pricey side, but I think it would be worth it.

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