Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

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Tomorrow is the first day of February and I can' believe it. I read a post on facebook and it said "It feels like it's January 74th" and I have never related to something so much in my life, this month dragged on. But now its over and its spring is on the way, so today I found some cute outfits for Valentine's day and I have them from the most expensive to least expensive and then all the way at the end is a super cute casual outfit!

This dress is so stunning this is the Milly Mandy Ruffle Cuff Shift dress from Nordstrom and it retails at 395$ so it is more of a high end dress. I personally think that is a little high for a shift dress but there are some alternatives, if you like the bell sleeves of this dress there is this one at Old Navy. Old Navy also has these shift dresses which don't have the bell sleeves but are just as beautiful.

This dress is a Charles Henry off the shoulder dress, also from Nordstrom and is less expensive than the first one at only $88. This red color is absolutely stunning but if this is still a little too expensive for you then there is this off the shoulder dress at target for only $23 which is equally as gorgeous. 

This lace trim ruffle dress is the least expensive at only $24 from Target, I love the blush color and it is such a sweet and perfect dress for Valentines day.

Top: JCrew Factory | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Bag: Old Navy | Earrings: Sugarfix
This is a more causal Valentines day outfit and more of what my outfit for the date night will look like. Kyle and I like to keep it more low key but I still think this outfit is so cute, I am obsessed with these earrings from sugarfix by baublebar. I personally think sugarfix is the best collaboration Target has ever done!

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