Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | By Kyle

5:00 AM

        Hey guys, this is Kyle, Kelsey's very handsome boyfriend. Valentine's day means a lot to me. It's a time for me to show my girlfriend how much she means to her, although I should probably do that every day! Kelsey and I are going to a nice dinner at a great restaurant known as Bellinis! They have great chicken marsala and an even better Margherita pizza! They have this funky mousse dish for dessert that I guess is great, so I'm looking forward to attempting it.

          Now another thing that we do is give each other little gifts each year, I personally love buying things for her, therefore I always agree with gifts. up yonder are just some of the great ideas that most guys might enjoy. The Dome backpack by steve madden. It's very unique looking, a little different looking than the average bag. Some other alternatives would be obviously Northface,  I really enjoy the Jansport bags and also Nike bags! I personally really need a new headset, and luckily gaming controllers nowadays have the 3.5mm jack which allows for basically any headset to work with PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There are also some really good budget headsets on the market right now. The Recon Chat is about 25 dollars and it has an extremely comfortable earpiece and has some pretty good quality sound for a cheap headset, Another alternative if you want the 2 earbuds is the HyperX Cloud Stingers, they are 49.99 and they were named the number 1 budget headset. Another good gift idea is casual footwear. There are many pairs of shoes that are pleasant to look at, at an affordable price. I actually really enjoy the casual shoes from Target, Old Navy, and Zumies. I put a Golf tee shirt on here because you can probably find some really good deals on them because it is currently not golf season.

         It's really cold up here in New York and because of this I've decided to throw up there some Northface Gloves, they are extremely comfortable and very sleek looking. Also, they are very hefty like the winter gloves which is an added bonus. If you are looking for a quick gift to just get, Any video game is an awesome idea, I put up WWE 2k18 because it's a great game and I don't have it yet, other games to looking into are Star Wars Battlefront 2, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Monster Hunter Worlds! Well, that wraps up this lovely blog by Kyle Hitchcock-Powers. The one and only.

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