My Goals for 2018

5:00 AM

This is Kyle and I freezing our tooshies off on new years eve at the fireworks.

This year I decided that I wasn't going to make new years resolutions and I  was going to make goals. I feel as though goals are something that you can strive for and is something that can be obtained. Every year I have made resolutions to become a better person and to have a better life, over time those things have happened but not because I made resolutions to do so.

This year I've made up a list of a few goals that I would like to complete in 2018:

  • To feel healthier, lately, I have not been feeling well and my chest always feels heavy I think mostly due to stress. In the new year, I want to feel good in my body and do things to better myself. I want to find a way to better deal with my stress during this next semester because I can already tell it is going to be a tough one.
  • I want to better my blog, even more, I really want to throw myself into my blog and give it all that I have this year. In 2017 I started an Instagram for my blog which was a really big step for me. I want to give my blog and my Instagram everything I have and really give it my all.
  • This year I really just want to live the best life possible and not allow the little things in life that I can't change, get me down. Life is short and moves fast so you might as well enjoy the ride. Who cares what others think of you, as long as you're happy in life and not hurting anyone that is all that matters.

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