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                               (Click here for a free printable of the wrapping paper in the photo above, photo credit to this website)

Weekly Review: I know I have been missing from the blog life for a little while but the end of the semester is always a tough time to juggle all the school work and the blog. But I have a ton of holiday content to share with you all during blogmas!

Weekend Happenings: Tonight we are going to get our Christmas tree which I think is a perfect way to start the month of December and then on Sunday we will be decorating it. Other than that I will be suffering through my last assignments of the semester.

Current Favorite Finds:

  • Truck as Christmas decorations: This year I've been obsessed with red trucks with the trees in the back as Christmas ornament, figurines, on mugs, anything, and it is actually everywhere this year. 
  • Salt and Pepper Set: I just can't help myself the car and tree theme is just so cute! (Ps. I have a cute DIY with trucks and trees coming to the blog soon!)
Favorite Things on the Internet
  • Congrats to the newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markel I cannot wait for the wedding and see all the pictures!!
  • The three gift rule: this article from the Today show talks about the three gift rule which is a nice way to remember what this season is all about. The three gift rule has a religious meaning behind it that the three wise men gave Jesus each a gift. My mom and I were just talking about how the Christmas shopping can sometimes get away from us and we can overbuy and forget the real meaning of Christmas. But I also love to spoil my loved ones, so I'm torn on this. 

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  1. I love your posts! So inspirational! The wrapping paper is adorable!

    Chicchi - http://notimeforstyle.com

    1. Thank you so much!! That wrapping paper can be downloaded for free through the link under the photo, I love it!! XOXO!!


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