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You may have seen my themed gifts for her so now it is time for the themed gifts for him. I think I write about how hard it is to buy for the men in my life everytime I make a gift guide related to them but it is seriously so hard. That's why I like themed gifts so much if I know they like something I run with it. Like my dad loves to fish, my brother loves baseball. Do you know how many themed gifts I have done in relation to baseball and fishing... too many to count. So I really hope these help you out if you have stubborn men in your life like I do.

For the Tech Savvy Man (Fitbit):

Fitbits were the big ticket item last year and to be honest I haven't really looked at their products since but they really stepped up their game. You can now add your credit card and pay through the watch and they have these wireless headphones. One thing I love about Fitbit is how many accessories they have for the straps. 
For the Man Who Likes to Have a Drink:

I love all of these pieces if you have a man in your life who likes to have a sophisticated drink. I also think that this mixer's manual would be perfect for someone who just turned 21, I know when I was 21 I didn't know anything about what was in a real mixed drink. This way he or she can learn what they would like so they can order it the next time they are out.
For the Man Who Wears a Watch:

I think that a watch is a perfect gift for any guy. My dad works in construction and has always said that he didn't want a nice watch. But my mother just gave in one year and bought him one. The man wears the watch literally all the time. Every time he goes out to dinner or anywhere even semi-casual he wears it and loves it.
For the Professional Man:

How cool are these sunglass cufflinks from Nordstrom. I love this theme for the man in your life who has to go to a more professional job every day. I also love this tie and sock set so that way he has a variety of ties to choose from instead of just one.
For the Chef:

I just love the name of this cookbook "The Dude Diet" and this man apron is the perfect pairing. This would be the perfect gift set for a guy in college who is living on his own. One year when Kyle was in college he got a cookbook that had recipes for canned food only it was pretty funny.

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