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I love getting the people in my life two or three things as a gift that all have a common theme. For Kyle, it would be something to do with video games such as a controller, a game, and maybe a video game poster. For my mom who loves to cook, it would be an apron, a cookbook, and a cooking tool. There are so many different themed gifts you can do so I made a gift guide for some ideas:

p.s. if you click on the picture it will take you to where you can buy the item.

For the Person who Loves to be Cozy:

 I have heard nothing but amazing things about these slip pillow cases and the sleep masks. The pillowcase is supposed to be amazing for your hair and anti-aging. They are even recommended by dermatologists which really got me intrigued by them. And who doesn't love a blanket and new jammies.
For the Beauty Guru:

This is a really great price for the dry bar kit for the amount and quality of products that you get. I've never been to a dry bar because there isn't one by me but it has always been on my bucket list. If you're like me and don't live by a dry bar this may be the next best thing.
For the Cook:

The pioneer woman is hands down the best show on the food network, if you don't want to live on her farm with her family what are you even doing with your life. I love how her show really ties together food and family and her food is absolutely amazing. 

For the Tech savvy:

Last year for Christmas Kyle got me the Lume case, it is the biggest conversation starter whenever I use it out in public. Every time I use it I get at least one person say "omg you have one of those". The quality of photos that it takes in a dark setting is unbelievable. If you are someone who takes a lot of photos this is definitely worth the money.
For the One Who Loves Jewelry:

Jewelry is a gift that you really can't go wrong with, right now I'm into a small petite jewelry phase but also love pieces like these Kendra Scott statement earrings. The amazing thing about these earrings is how many colors they come in and Kendra Scott comes in so many other designs so there is something for everyone.

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