My Favorite Youtubers That do Blogmas

7:49 PM

            YouTube is my favorite thing to scroll through and watch during my downtime. I can get lost into the videos and never get bored. Once December 1st hits the obsession gets even worse because some of my favorite vloggers begin vlogmas. If you are not familiar with vlogmas it is similar to blogmas (blogging Christmas content every day in the month of December about Christmas) but they vlog every day instead of blogging. I have a few that I watch every year and I have to share because they will get you right into the holiday spirit.

Alex and Michael: This couple is PREGNANT and I am so excited, I love to watch their everyday lives and I can’t wait to watch their family grow. Alex and Michael show the most gorgeous holiday décor and they do the best gift guides for the women and men in your life. Maybe this year they will do a baby gift guide too!

Zoella: Zoey is a vlogger out of England and she is the cutest thing ever. Zoey has her own line of products and she has the best Christmas line filled with amazing gifts. She also has an amazing attitude and gets so excited about anything Christmas.

Juicystar07: Blair used to be one of my favorite vloggers she was actually the youtuber that got me addicted to beauty gurus and vloggers. She recently took a break from youtube but it now back and better than ever. I am so thrilled that she is doing vlogmas this year she is so fun and has the cutest puppies!

You should really go watch any of these vloggers they will put you right into the holiday spirit.

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