DIY Pinecone tree

5:00 AM

I saw this DIY on pintrest and fell in love with it. It was actually pretty simple to do and looks so adorable on my TV stand. The only down fall that I found was that the pinecones I found outside were to small for the pots that I had gotten so I had to use fake ones, but other than that it was pretty simple. 

First I painted the pinecones evergreen, I made sure to get inbetween all of the little peices and all of the sides. While that dries I painted the pot sliver, which was just a brown planting pot. This took a couple coats of paint. Then I painted the little star silver for the top of the tree. 

To stick it all together I tried to hot glue the pine cone to the pot but it didn't stick very well so I just placed it in there becuase I figured it would be easier to store after Christmas. Next I hot glued the silver star to the top and it was complete! It is such a fun and easy DIY and so inexpensive.

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  1. This is such a fun and festive DIY!



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