All Kinds of Coats

6:00 AM

Jackets are my favorite fall necessity, I think I like them so much because they can make such statement and there are so many different kinds of them. 

I can remember always loving jackets, I'll never forget this one black and white checkered jacket that I had when I was little. It was a little longer than normal and it was a "fancy" jacket and I thought I was a movie star when I wore it. I think that jacket is what started my love of jackets. 

Barbour, trench and puffer jackets are my top choices for jackets this season. The Barbour is more of an everyday jacket whereas the puffer is for the cold more sporty days. The trench or longer styled jackets are for "fancy" days like my black and white jacket was. 

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  1. I love all of these picks! The Barbour jackets look so classic. I'd love to have one in the future.


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