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I'm actually a little sad about the way that this Halloween season has played out. I have been super busy with school and life and before I knew it, it was halloweekend and tomorrow is Halloween. To be honest it was almost a mad dash to try to figure out what to be the week before all the parties of the weekend. Thank god for Pinterest or else I don't know what I would have done.

The picture on the left is my inspiration from Pinterest, most of this costume is from Amazon and with the one-day shipping, it was a lifesaver. This pink skirt could be used for so many other costumes.

When Bob Ross came out on Netflix Kyle was glued to the TV, he couldn't get over how awesome the guy was. So I felt like it was my duty to come up with a Bob Ross costume. There was so many Bob Ross costumes on Pinterest I used this one as our inspiration. And yes that is a beanie baby squirrel safety pinned to Kyles' shoulder.

Some other amazing last minute costumes from Pinterest:

                                           Mary Poppins                                        Rosie the Riveter                                        Burglar costume

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