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2:38 PM

If you read my blog then you know that I have two very cute pups that I adore. I love to keep them healthy and happy and love to get them new products. Pet Magasin is a small company that specializes in dog products. When you buy these doggie diapers they come in packages of three in the cutest patterns. These diapers are machine washable, highly absorbent, and a waterproof outer layer. They have a velcro closure and aren't crinkly so they won't be irritating for your pup.

My pups weren't the biggest fans but after while they grew to ignore them and didn't even notice they had them on. These diapers are mainly for untrained pups or pups who get excited and dribble. My pups don't need to wear them all the time because they are trained but they may be a good thing to have for a long car ride. 

Also how cute are the patterns on these diapers!?! I am in love with the cactus print and the flamingo print is so adorable. These diapers from Pet Magasin can be bought on Amazon. 

Thanks to brandbacker and Pet Magasin for sponsoring this post.

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