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6:00 AM

The American Red Cross: The results left over from Hurricane Harvey is heart breaking and I can't stop thinking about the people in Houston and all of the surrounding areas that were affected. The Red Cross is an amazing organization and any amount of money can help so please donate! The people who were affected by this awful event are in my thoughts and prayers.

"Comsonose": To put a smile on your face watch this video of a little girl who can not say the word ice cream. I can't stop watching it I think it is so funny and so cute! I'm not sure whats better, what she is saying instead of ice cream or her fathers laugh in the background.

Kate Channels Princess Diana: With the anniversary of the beautiful princess Dianas passing being yesterday I love that she is honoring Diana in such an elegant way. There is also a new documentary coming out soon about Princess Diana and I will be watching.

Kate Spade Cactus Necklace: Be on the lookout for this beautiful necklace to be on the blog soon. If you know me then you know that I am obsessed with cactuses and this necklace couldn't be cuter!

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