Last Days of Summer

6:00 AM

Top: Hollister | Shorts: JCrew Factory | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Choker: Rockbox 

Happy Monday! This weekend was spent mostly on the couch because I did not feel good at all. This weather going from cold to hot cold to hot is killing my sinuses and I contracted an awful cold from my brother. So if I look a little puffy in these photos it's because I literally forced myself to take these pictures and then went right back to the couch when I was done.

This week is going to be so long, school is already so stressful and I had to drop 80$ on a new charger yesterday because mine broke in the middle of a quiz. But thankfully everything seems to be falling back into place and hopefully, this week won't be as stressful as this weekend.

So as I said this past week and this upcoming week in New York is going to be hotter than the entire month of August, but it is still that weird time when it is freezing in the morning and then you're sweating bullets by the afternoon. That's when I love outfits like this for the perfect combination. This top is super lightweight and makes it perfect for those transitional days. Also how cute is this choker?!? I love how simple it is but still really makes a statement, I'm tellin ya this rocksbox subscription is killing the game!

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  1. This is a great transition outfit! Hope you feel better :)

    Erin // Plaid & Pearls 


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