Favorite Fall Snack: Skinny Pop Popcorn!

8:00 AM

This week definitely made it clear that fall is in the air. It has been so chilly that it has been making me think of all things fall especially snacks and drinks because let's be honest I am always thinking about drinks and snacks.

This SkinnyPop popcorn is the best snack for pretty much any season but paired with a Cranberry cinnamon whiskey sour it makes it taste like a little piece of fall in your mouth. This SkinnyPop is the aged white cheddar and is only 47 calories per cup which is so amazing! The first time I tried this SkinnyPop I was pleasantly surprised by the amount flavor it had. It is seriously so delicious. 

For my 21 and over followers this Cranberry cinnamon whiskey sour is my new favorite drink of all time. It is a very sweet tasting drink but the cinnamon after taste gives it the taste of fall which is just delightful. 

SkinnyPop has this amazing chart of all of their popcorn and paired it with an alcoholic beverage and I want to try every single combination. In this post, I did number 3 but I will be trying everyone throughout this fall! Let me know what your favorite fall snack is!

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