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1:21 PM

Favorite finds of the week:

  • Rosegal: I am getting into the fall mood and I'm loving all of their sweaters and ankle boots.
  • Casual maxi dresses: As the summers get closer to ending the nights begin to get colder as well as the days. I love maxi dresses on cooler days where it starts off cold and gets hotter as the day goes on. 
Favorite things on the internet:
  • Beaches TBT: I love this TBT photo that Mayim Bialik put up on her Instagram account. The caption is so cute, I love how it shows how the movie was made. 

Weekly Review: This past weekend my friends and I went to the Saratoga race track and then out in Saratoga. The racetrack is always such an experience but it was so nice to spend the day and have a good time with my friends. During this past week, I have also been getting ready to go back to school on Monday, I'm ready to have a strict routine again but I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer.
I also went to my first paint and sip on Thursday and it was amazing, we painted a beautiful tree with mason jars hanging down looking like there were lightning bugs in them. It was the perfect picture for the end of summer.

Weekend Happenings: This weekend is a big one, I could NOT be more excited. This weekend is the Luke Bryan concert and I have been looking forward to this all summer. It will be the perfect way to end summer!

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