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Weekly Review: This past week was my last week at my summer job which is a bitter sweet moment because I am sad that it is over but I am so excited to go on my vacation tomorrow. This week was very low key not much happened other than getting ready for vacation.

Weekend Happenings: This weekend looks like a lot of open roads and rests stops. Tomorrow morning we leave for a 17-hour car ride to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. So we leave on Saturday and we will arrive there early afternoon on Sunday.

Favorite things on the internet:

Few favorites of the week
  • Babe rosé (for my 21 and over readers): This rosé in a can is my favorite summer beverage and it is so convenient that it is in a can which makes it so easy for the lake and the beach. Anything with cute packaging I am a sucker for, which is why I tried this drink in the first place. 
  • Degree deodorant motion sense: I just borrowed some of this deodorant from my mom one day while I was in a rush before work and I could smell it all day long. I literally ran out to target that night and bought some for myself. I highly recommend this product. 
  •  Joy little miss steamer: My aunt recently told me about this steamer and talked so highly of it that I had to go get one. I have to say she was so right about it. It is so much more convenient than ironing and takes half the time. I also have it in purple so it is so cute!!

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  1. I've never been to Myrtle Beach! I hope you enjoyed your time there :)


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