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Every year my family and I make the long, long, long car ride down to Myrtle beach for a family vacation. Since we do it every year we have found a few gems of dining and activities. We love it in Myrtle Beach and we really love to eat down there.

What we did:
  • The beach: We love to spend all day down at the beach, most of the time we are taking walks while looking for shark teeth. We made it a competition this year to try to fill a glass bottle but failed due to them being very hard to find. The boys really enjoy riding the boogie boards while the girls relax in the sun. 
  • Broadway at the Beach: This is a place that is filled with amazing restaurants and attractions like zip lining and an aquarium. We waited 3 hours to eat the Paula Deen restaurant but it was so worth it and we had a lot of time to explore the shops. 
  • Barefoot Landing: This place is very similar to Broadway but with more shops like black and white market and Francesca's. We went wine tasting here and had wine slushies which were delicious!

Where we ate:
  • Damons: This restaurant is located on the beach and walking to it from our hotel has become one of our favorite traditions. They are known for their ribs and they were so delicious. While we were eating there, there was a wedding happening on the beach which was so cute to watch.
  • The Chesapeake House: This restaurant is known for their seafood and their alligator. Outside the restaurant, there is an alligator that lives in the pond and will come up to the fence if you feed it food. It's so cool, and if the alligator is full there is a ton of hungry turtles.
  • Paula Deen's Family Kitchen: Oh my god, if you ever get the chance to go to one of these restaurants I highly recommend that you do. It is served family style and you pick three entries, four sides, and a dessert for everyone is included. We got pot roast, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, green beans, mac and cheese, candied yams, mashed potatoes, and an ooey gooey butter cake for dessert.
  • Umberto's: This is an Italian restaurant which may be my favorite restaurant of all time. First thing they give you is bean and greens, then a cucumber with tomato and onions salad, then spaghetti and sauce, then you get your entree. It is so much food but it is so delicious. 
Where we stayed:

  • The compass Cove: This year we stayed in a gorgeous three bedroom condo with the most amazing view. It was so nice to have two bathrooms and everyone to have a bed, so no one had to sleep on a pull-out couch. It also came with a washer and dryer in the room and my mom was so thrilled. Another bonus is the pools at this hotel, there is two lazy rivers, multiple pools and hot-tubs and a pretty big kids area.  
Overall we are all so grateful for the time we got to spend in South Carolina and grateful for the time spent together...and that the ride is done.

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