Tips to Make a Long Car Ride Easier

10:44 AM

1. Download podcasts to listen to. Some of my favorites include: lady loving by hilly Hendricks, Greta Titleman, and Lo Bosworth Views by David Dobrick and Jason Nash and not too deep by Grace Helbig

2. Don't pack snacks I know this is a weird one but for me, this helps to break up the ride. We tend to make many stops because driving with 7 people someone always has to go to the bathroom. So I like to pick up new snacks when we stop to keep things fresh and interesting. Many rest stops now have a fresh station where you can buy fresh fruit and cheese which are some more healthy options. That's where I always start and then slowly make my way to the junk food as the car ride gets longer.

3. Play car games such as "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing a..." 1st person brings something that begins with the letter a and then you keep going until someone messes up.

4. Drink lots of water, we drive from New York to South Carolina which is almost 17 hours. It's very hard to stay awake for that long so drinking water is super important.

5. Think of what is coming at the end when you're laying out on the beach it will all be worth it!

I hope these help a little!!

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  1. Great ideas! I love podcasts but somehow I always seem to forget to download them haha! Audio books are great too :)

    Katherine |


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