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9:57 AM

I love my planner, especially during school because I rely on it so much. If I didn't have my planner I would be a mess. I write everything in mine, even little things like my work schedule which doesn't ever change.
These are a few planners that I've used or plan to use in the future.

All of these are so different in their own way, The last one is only a mini binder and I love the idea of this because you can make it the way that you want it by using free printables that you can find on pintrest. I use this for my blog planning which is nice because it allows for a lot of room to write and to be able to customize it for the best way that works for me. 

I like more of a structured layout such as in the Lilly Pulitzer one and the Vera Bradley one for school because it is easier to write out assignments. Which ones do you use?

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Love this planner guide! Thanks for sharing!

    Kalina | Wanderlust Vita

  2. I've recently started using planners/journals and I love the Lilly Pulitzer ones!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris


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