My Favorite Summer PJ's

3:55 PM

I feel as though pajamas are something that I mainly talk about during the winter months because I love cozy fleece pajamas more than anything. But earlier this week I realized that I've never talked about my summer pajamas which I love almost as equally as winter ones. I love these pajamas because they are so light and airy, the worst is when you're sleeping and your clothes are sticking to you due to the heat. These are so nice because they are cotton on the back and a silk like material on the front which makes them super comfortable.

I am in the process of making a gallery wall above my bed. I didn't know how much I was going to love it until I put it up and took a step back to look at it! A lot of these pieces I had around my house so now I'm on the hunt for a couple new things to add. I'm going for a black, white, and gold theme. Most of my room is gray and white so I thought the black was a nice touch. One thing I didn't realize about doing a gallery wall is how high it makes my wall look now. It looks as if it added a couple inches and really opens the room up. I always think it is so amazing how one little change can make the whole look of the room different. I'll keep you updated as I add a couple more things to the wall.

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