3 Years with Kyle

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Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary of dating and through that 3 years a lot of memories have been made and laughs have been had. Kyle is pretty much the guy you want your daughter to date. He is all around the perfect boyfriend in more ways than one. He is very calm while I am anything but calm. He knows how to make me the happiest person in the world and I could not be more grateful for that. He is my person and even though it's only been 3 years it feels like we've been together forever and I can imagine my life without this crazy, happy, amazing person.

For this post I made Kyle do the boyfriend tag, so he answered the questions and then I also answered them.

Where did we first meet?
Kyle said: "At the mall"
I said: "On a dating app but then we went to the movies at the mall"

Where did you meet my parents?
Kyle said: "At your house"
I said: "At your dads birthday party"
Who said I love you first?
Kyle said: "me"
I said: "He did"
What are three things that I really need in my everyday life?
Kyle said: "Your makeup, your phone, and your blog"
I said: "The Doctor (a video gamer on twitch), food, and me"
What is a food that I don't like?
Kyle said: "lamb"
I said: "The lamb burger at The Brick House"
What is something I wish you didn't do?
Kyle said: "play so much Xbox"
I said: " Worry so much if I locked the front door"
What is something you wish I didn't do?
Kyle said: "yell at me for playing so much Xbox"
I said: "Pick at the callus on your thumb so much"
What is my shoe size?
Kyle said: "6.5"
I said: "13"
What is something weird I do?
Kyle said: "superstition things, like can't cross a black cats path and throwing salt over your shoulder" 
I said:"you eat one thing at a time on your plate"
Which sport do I like?
Kyle said: "skiing"
I said: "football"
What do we fight the most about?
Kyle said: "how I  don't pay attention to you while I'm playing video games"
I said: "you not giving me enough attention even though you do"
Who is the dominant one in the relationship?
Kyle said: "me"
I said: "I am"
Where did we go on our first road trip?
Kyle said: "I don't know"
I said: "Wildwood New Jersey"
What do you love the most about our relationship?
Kyle said: "how easy going we are with each other"
I said: "That we are almost too comfortable with each other and can be so open about things"

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  1. This is such a cute post! Happy three year :) Have so much fun celebrating!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://dailydoseofcharm.com


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