Treats Your Dogs Will Love

5:00 AM

I'm not sure if I've ever introduced my dogs on my blog, I know I've mentioned them briefly but they've never really been introduced. Maris is the cream colored pup and she is named after the famous Yankee baseball player Rodger Maris. Forty is the black and white pup and she is named forty because she was my mom's fortieth birthday present. Maris is the younger pup and she acts like the annoying younger sister. Forty likes to chill out and relax and Maris is always annoying her to play. It's pretty funny to watch them interact. 

I love my pups more than anything and want them to stay happy and healthy. Forty has really bad hips and can't walk up the stairs easily anymore. The mobility bites have been helping her so much that she can go up the stairs easier than before. 

I also got the salmon oil which you pump into their food to help their skin and coat. The omega bites also help with dogs skin and coat. Forty and Maris are both Havanese dogs and they are hypoallergenic so these products make their fur so shiny and soft. 

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