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I am so excited to share with you guys today's post. This is a very popular challenge on youtube I first saw it on Alex Garza's youtube video you can see here. So the challenge is that your boyfriend or husband goes shopping and picks out an entire outfit for their wife or girlfriend. But I put a little more of a twist on it for Kyle and only gave him a 50$ budget that he had to stay within.

Now I am going to put even more of a challenging touch on this and make Kyle write out the post about how his experience was doing this challenge (All of his writing will be in blue). He even took the pictures, so I'm going to link the outfit details here and then he will do the rest!

Gap: off the shoulder top | Jcrew: Shorts | Earrings: Sugarfix | Shoes: Jack Rogers

Hello to all of Kelsey's lovely followers! When Kelsey told me about this challenge I was very excited to take it on. She has fantastic style and I really wanted to impress her. The first place I knew I had to go was the nearest mall because it had the J Crew Factory outlet in it. I didn't really have a clue about what I was going to get her, but I knew I either wanted a sundress outfit, a short shorts outfit, or something that uses a button down shirt because I personally really like the look. The first place I looked was J Crew, I knew that she loves basically anything in there and I knew you could find some cheap clothes there. Fortunately for me, the first thing I saw was the shelf with all the khaki short shorts things on it. They had a bunch of cool designed shorts, like pineapple green and yellow shorts, crane shorts that were light blue. These were 20 bucks though and that made me nervous. So the shorts next to them were the one color shorts, and I decided impulsively that I wanted to get the Navy blue ones because they were cute and her size. They cost about 15 bucks. I found a bunch of shirts at J Crew that appeared to match well, but they were a little out of my price range like the shirts were mostly 30 bucks and I really want to add a third piece to the outfit. I decided to go to the other end of the mall and look at Gap. I truly didn't have any luck in Gap, I couldn't find anything I liked, the button down shirts were so expensive and so was the fleecy looking shirts that I see a lot, and everything in my price range was pretty unattractive. I literally almost left when I saw in the corner of my eye a shelf of these white shirts that said 60 percent off, so I went to go check. It was like it was meant to be because there was nothing good until the absolute last shirt that was her size and appeared to be a really pretty white shirt. That turned out to be an over-the-shoulder shirt that apparently is really popular right now. The shirt happened to be 21 dollars so that left me with about 36 bucks. I decided to finish the puzzle I wanted to either get some sort of jewelry or shoes. I went to Target because she likes it there and would probably shop there for clothes, and I know she likes their jewelry. I really wanted to get those flats shoes that she wears a lot, but didn't know they cost as much as they did, Target's selection of flats were all around that 30 dollar mark. I also know she had the Jack Rodger sandals that she would probably wear anyways. I decided to pick up the earrings because they put me right at that 50 dollar maximum and I knew she liked that brand, and I thought they were extremely different looking which I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed this competition, I love Kelsey's blog and think she is doing an amazing job with it and anything I can do to help her and make her amazing followers happy I am down for! Plus I actually really liked picking outfits for her! I will say I thought it was going to be a cake walk just going around the mall trying to find the clothes, but at the end of all the shopping, I was extremely wiped out, and actually pretty frustrated with how stressful it was to find something I thought she would like. I would 100 percent do another one of these challenges for her though!! Thank you guys for listening to me ramble, and please, brainstorm some ideas down below in the comment section about some other really cool, and fun challenges Kelsey can try and do on this Blog!

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