Fathers Day Gift Guide

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My Father may actually be the hardest person in the world to shop for so Fathers day is always stressful for me. He is the type of person if he wants something he IMMEDIATELY goes out and gets it. Which I guess that is a good thing but also bad around holiday times because you turn around and the man's got it. My favorite thing about my dad is that he has an amazing sense of humor so he would love the poo-Pourri spray and think it was so funny. My father is also an extremely hard worker and works a lot with tools so the 8 in 1 tool is so him. I actually bought him one like this and he keeps it on our boat. It came in super handy the one day when something needed to be fixed in the middle of the lake. 

1.Vineyard Vines shirt 2. Ue Boom Speaker 3. Man Crate 4. Bose headphones 5. Ray ban sunglasses 6. Air Max Nike Sneakers 7.  Craft beer kit 8. 8 in 1 monogrammed tool 9. Kiehl's men starter kit 10. Polo Black 11. Poo-Pourri spray

Speaking of the boat, we love to listen to music but, using the radio that is in the boat will drain the battery so a speaker like the Ue Boom speaker comes in handy and makes the perfect gift!

You can also do a more customized gift, The man crate is a box that comes with a theme such as whiskey, beard care, auto care and so many more. The fun thing about this box is that you have to destroy it and pry it open in order to get the things inside. It comes with a tool to use to open it, we got one for my dad last year and it was so entertaining to watch him open it.

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  1. These are great picks! I'm not going to lie, the Man Crate intrigued me and I might get it for my hubs. So cool!

    Erin Schabo
    Top Knots & Sweatpants


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