Weekly Review/Weekend Happenings and Favorite Summer Shoes

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Weekly Review:
This week went by so fast it was my first full week out of school, so getting into a new routine can sometimes be a hard transition for me. Today is the senior prom at the high school that I attended and it is super exciting because my little sister is going.  She is taking a senior/long time family friend of ours who has autism to his senior prom. My sister has the biggest heart and is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. It's been so fun to watch her grow and I'm so proud of her. Anyone who knows my sister wouldn't be surprised but what she is doing because this literally describes her as a person. Knowing Kara they will have the best time at prom and I really hope that they do. 

Along with her going to prom and doing her hair and makeup, I am also doing two other girls hair and makeup that are going to the same prom. So today I am going to be a busy person running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  

Weekend Happenings:
This is Kyles first weekend home for good so I am super excited to finally have him home. I think we are just going to hang out and maybe see some friends. He brought a lot of stuff home so we will probably try to sort all of that out.

Current Favorite Finds
Cactus print shirt - I am on such a cactus and succulent craze right now I can't stop.
Cactus ring from Kate Spade - I am dying over this ring it is amazing!!!
The Shine Project - This is a company that uses the money that they make to help kids go to college. It is an amazing company that is doing truly amazing things. 

Favorite Things on The Internet
  • I wouldn't say that this is a good thing per say but it is something on the internet that I think we all saw coming. Ben and Lauren from the bachelor have split up. I do feel sorry for the two but I never saw any chemistry between the two of them. Even they've said it's been a long time coming in this article on the today show facebook.
  •  The cast of 'This is Us' surprises fans whose lives have been touched by the show - This show is groundbreaking. I know I've talked about it before on the blog but it is among the few shows that I think is making a difference int the world. The cast plays their characters so well and you really feel something through their acting. It was so amazing to watch how this show affected these people's lives and how surprised and happy they were to see these actors. 
  • To save the best for last ROSANNE IS COMING BACK FOR SEASON 8. I am so thrilled I used to watch this show every night while falling asleep when I am younger. I am so excited to see the whole cast back together again. 

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  1. All of your favorite things....Yas! 1 - Ben & Lauren have to be hands down the most boring Bachelor couple ever. Everything seemed so forced. 2 - I've been meaning to binge watch This is Us for some time. Now it's my weekend project. And 3-I did not hear this but these revivals are seriously making me SO happy! I've also decided when and if we get a bulldog one day, her name will be Rosanne. :)

    Erin Schabo
    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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