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This beautiful girl is my little sister who has such a big heart and it an amazing person inside and out. This past weekend she went to the senior prom as a freshman at her high school with a senior who has autism. She wanted to make sure that he had the most amazing time at his prom because he deserved it. Although she is only 15 she is one of the most amazing people I know and I could not be more proud of the person she is becoming. (Had to give her, her moment I just love her so much)
This week:
This week was pretty usual we weren't too busy which is nice because with this weekend coming up and the beginning of next week we are going to be overwhelmingly busy. The good thing is that it is all going to be fun. This week Kyle and I went to one of his best friends grad party which was really nice and fun because it was also like a going away party. Kyle has really good friends and the ones that have girlfriends, have really good girlfriends which is nice for me.

This weekend:
Today I am heading up to the Adirondacks to spend some much-needed family time and some much-needed lake time. I think we are planning on going on a hike or chilling out on the lake for the day, either way, I will be enjoying myself and hopeful a glass of wine as well.

Current Favorite finds:
All the memorial day sales that are going on this weekend are amazing.
Some places with great deals:
Jcrew - 30% off your entire purchase.
Banana Republic - 40% off your entire purchase.
~ Nordstrom - They are having their half year sale and you can get up to 40% off on their sale items.
           Here are a few of my picks from the Nordstrom sale:

Favorite Things on the Internet
This mom who earned an honorary MBA degree, this mom went to every class with her son who is paralyzed and she went to help him through. The school gave her an honorary degree due to her attendance of every class. It is definitely worth a read. 
- The cast of Roseanne now, I mentioned it in a post last week about how excited I am for the new season of Roseanne that is coming out next year with the original cast. The today show put out an article showing what they all look like now and they all look pretty good!

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  1. Have fun during your lake weekend!! I think we are headed to the river!

    Katherine | www.oneswainkycouple.com


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