Graduation Gift Guide

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Dogeared: Pocket wisdom | Longchamp: Le Pliage large | Bath and Body works: Rosé all day gift set | Kate Spade: scallop metro watch | Hallmark: 2017 frame | Dogeared: necklace | Mantra band: Bracelet

When I think of getting someone a graduation gift I think of something that is sentimental or something that will be very useful to them.  Sentimental would be something such as the enjoy the journey mantra band bracelet which has such a sweet saying on the box and is so relevant to the situation of a graduate. I also love the dogeared necklaces which also have amazing sayings on them that are so relatable to graduation. I think I received 3 or 4 of them when I graduated from high school and they all have such great sayings on them that related to going to the step in my life and the future is bright.

It is also a very good idea to give someone a gift that will be so useful to them. Such as the large Longchamp bag. I have one of these and I have used it for so many different things and it is my go-to bag. It is the perfect weekend getaway bag, work bag, carry-on, purse even. It's a great staple piece and so useful, it would make the perfect gift. Also, it comes in so many colors and you can get them monogrammed so it can because really personalize to the person you're giving it to. I also think that a gift from bath and body works is such a good idea because the time after graduation can be very stressful and it is important to have time for yourself and to relax. Bath and body works has so many great gift sets that are perfect for the graduate.

Some other gift ideas

  • Gas cards - who wouldn't love this gift?
  • gift card to their college store- my boyfriends, grandfather gave him a duffle bag with a ton of gift cards inside to his college campus store. This is such a perfect gift because you can buy books, college apparel, school supplies (mine even has some makeup).
  • A day at the spa - Like I said before this can be such a stressful time that a graduate would be so appreciative of this.
  • Money- money is always a good idea especially if you don't really know the person or the person has everything. You can be so creative with this also, like make a money tree or a photo album filled with ones. (Pinterest) 

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  1. So many great idea... gas card? seriously sign me up! I usually go for something more useful! xo Bryn

  2. Loving this list! My Longchamp was stolen and when I received a new one for graduation I was super happy! It's such a great gift! Also totally loving that cute scalloped wallet!


  3. Hi, Loved the compilation of gifts. Specially those rose gold bracelets - I would really like to have one just like them for myself


  4. Such fabulous graduation gift guide. I am really very happy to find this useful post. Our daughter will be graduating soon and I would love to host a fun party for her at the local garden LA venues. I will use unicorn themed bash for her. Hope she loves it.


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