Graduation Dresses

5:00 AM

Graduation season is rapidly approaching and with that comes parties and tons of dresses. A lot of girls go with white dresses for graduation like I did in high school. My gown was white for high school and it looked much better with a white dress or a light pastel color underneath. But when I got to college the gowns are black so it doesn't matter what color dress is underneath because you can't see through the gown. For my associate's degree graduation, I wore the Lilly Shown in the photo above and I loved it because it had pockets it in which was the best idea I ever had. You don't want your phone in your hand or an awkward bag under your gown when walking across the stage so I found that pockets are super convenient. But in the end, whichever dress you choose doesn't really matter all that does matter is that YOU DID IT!!

White dresses:

Colorful dresses:

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