Easter Cookies

5:00 AM

I have seen this style of cookie all over the internet lately and I think they are so cute. Now I'm not what you would call a baker but I do like to get creative. So this weekend my mom, Kaitlin, and I tried it out and for it being the first time for all of us, I would call it a success.

We were more excited about decorating than we were about the cookie itself so we just bought the premade sugar cookie dough. The cookies still turned out pretty good. We also bought a box of the royal icing mix to use because it was our first time. Next time I feel like we will make our own homemade dough and icing.

I actually couldn't believe how hard it was to find Easter cookie cutters, I went to Wallmart and they had none. Even at AC.Moore there was very little to choose from. Amazon however, has a ton of cute ones to choose from so if you are planning on doing this I would look at those. I already have so many cute ones in my cart that I am going to buy.

This was so fun and I cannot wait for the next holiday to have a reason to do it again, although I may just make some just because ones.

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