March Ipsy Bag

5:00 AM

I have been getting Ipsy bags for over a year now and I'm obsessed with them, it is so fun to get a package each month that is a surprise. But because they are a surprise and you don't know what you are getting, sometimes they can be better than others. It is always so fun when they have super good items in them like this month. This month the bag that came with it was bigger than usual which I really liked because sometimes they are super small so you can't fit many products in them. But this month it was larger and super cute. This month the products I received were a blending brush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, 10 in 1 primer, and lip paint.

Beau Gachis tapered blending brush: I feel as though a blending brush is the most important eyeshadow brush you can have. It's also the most important step when doing your eyeshadow in my opinion. This brush is really good quality, the hairs feel firm so that it won't be flimsy and can really get in the crease to blend all of the colors together. This brush retails for $12.00, so this brush costs more alone than the entire bag itself.

Eva-NYC 10-IN-1 Primer: It is so important to protect your hair and this 10-in-1 smells and feels so good in your hair. I typically use one when I blow dry my hair but I tend to shower at night so that my hair can air dry throughout the night. So on the weekends I typically shower in the mornings so this is when I would use this spray. This primer strengthens, softens, detangles, and so much more.

Model co. eyeliner: I love getting eyeliner in my ipsy bags, especially black because it is such a key element to my everyday makeup look. Sometimes ipsy will send crazy eyeliner colors like light blue and purple with sparkles, but those aren't realistic for my everyday looks but they are fun to play around with. Another bonus of this eyeliner is that this company is vegan and cruelty-free!

Tarte Lip paint: I've heard so much about these lip paints from Tarte so I am so excited to try this out. This color is gorgeous and it is in the color vibin. This is a quick drying matte lip gloss, I love when a lipgloss is quick drying because nothing is worse than getting lipgloss stuck in your hair or left on your glass that you're drinking.

INT cosmetics eyeshadow: I have never tried any products from INT cosmetics but this eyeshadow color is amazing. This is such a color I would use in my everyday makeup look. This color is called goddess gold, I can't wait to incorporate this a new look.

All of the products linked are the full sized versions, ipsy sends smaller versions and sometimes full versions of the products. The full retail price of this bag was 64$ if you bought all of these items at full size. The only products that weren't full sized was the 10-in-1 primer and the Tarte lip paint. The ipsy bag is only $10 a month.

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  1. Love the sound of that tarte lip paint! Such a great shade!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. Love the eyeshadow color - I'm always a fan of metallic!

    Jenna //


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