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12:31 AM

I have had my eye on these Steve Madden slip on sneakers forever so when I found them for only 20$ at Target I just could not resist. Also, the ones at Target have more colors to choose from. The only thing about the Target shoes is that they run big so I would get a size down. The Steve Madden ones also have a little more cushion but the Target ones are still a great dupe.

This long sleeve peplum top on the left is from J. Crew and the left is from Old Navy, they both look almost exactly the same. The color is a little different but in my opinion, I like both of these colors and the Old Navy shirt is only $7 so that shirt wins!

I have used cream eyeliners for the longest time now and I have tried a bunch of them, high end and drug store. The one I like the best always ends up being the $3 one from e.l.f. cosmetics. The price is hard to beat for the quality that it is. It is long-lasting and so easy to apply.

This Milani eye primer is very similar to the too faced insurance primer and is less than half of the cost. This Milani eye primer left my eyeshadow lasting all night, as well as the Insurance primer did. When deciding between the two I would pick the Milani one because of the price.

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  1. I love the Old Navy shirt.

  2. These are great dupes! I've been eyeing those Steve Madden slip ons also, so I'll have to stop over in the shoe section my next trip to Target. :)

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  3. Amazing finds!! ZThose Steve Madden dupes are an incredible deal- need them!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black


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