Friday Fives | St. Patricks Day Memories

5:00 AM

1. This Sky Flounce top from tuckernuck: This top is so cute, I love the peplum by the waist and on the sleeves. I love the light blue color which is perfect for the spring transition months.

2. Add me on snapchat @petiteinpearls!
         I am literally obsessed with snapchat, I follow way too many fashion bloggers and YouTubers. But I love seeing what they are doing and I really think it's a more personal source of social media.

3. Tattoo Girls: This is a new show on TLC and I'm obsessed. I don't have any tattoos and I have no plan on getting one but I think it is absolutely amazing what these girls can do. Plus the girl who owns the shop has the same name as me and her boyfriend's name is also Kyle, so of course, I had to watch it for the reason. But it really is a good show and there is more to it than just tattoo's you really get to know the artists and their stories.

4. This video of Maddie and Tae on Youtube: Maddie and Tae are my favorite country girl band and I think they are so cute. They have that really popular song "girl in a country song" if you haven't seen the music video you need to. In this video, a radio station does something very similar to James Corden's carpool karaoke with Maddie and Tae. Tae plays an old demo that Maddie has on her phone which they're embarrassed about but I really liked it!

5. Old navy ruffled off the shoulder swimsuit: The last time I owned a one-piece bathing suit I was probably 5 years old. But they are so in right now and I want one so bad. I am currently loving this one from Old Navy. I am already obsessed with the off the shoulder look and adding that into a bathing suit is so cute.

Happy St. Patricks day! Growing up St. Patricks day was a huge day in my house, more so the weekend before because that was parade day. My father is very Irish (his name is actually Patrick so he always joked it was his holiday) he can play the bagpipes and I Irish danced when I was little. We always know it's March when the pipes come out of storage and he plays his favorite song. In Albany, the capital of New York, there is a St. Patricks day parade every year that everyone gets super excited about. My father was also a fireman so every year we would march with the firehouse. There was many roles that my family had in the parade myself included. One year I was miss colleen of the parade, other years I was a "pom-pom girl" which was a cheerleader, another year Irish danced throughout the parade. Through all the memories there is always corn beef and cabbage that can be counted on every year to come.

                                          Me and my momma on parade day, in 2013!

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  1. Obsessed with that top and that one piece! Loving all the things off the shoulder this year! Happy St. Patrick's Day! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes


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