Valentine's Day Guy Gift Guide

5:00 AM

'Novel' Duffel Bag | Bevel Shave System Starter Kit | Striker LIVE FEED Spy Drone | Google Chromecast | Waterproof Bluetooth speaker | Ray-ban sunglasses | LL. Bean slippers | Patagonia fleece | juice pack air iPhone case

This year for Valentine's day Kyle wants ski tickets so that he can come home the weekend of Valentine's day and we can go on a ski trip. But if I decide not to do this then I put together some gifts that any man in your life would like. Like I said in my Girl Gift Guide I like to do one gift or one small gift for this holiday but I really think it all depends on your relationship. I picked some items that Kyle loves, like the L.L. Bean slippers. He seriously lives in them and they are such an amazing company and have a lifetime guarantee which is amazing because he destroys his and when they get ruined he has the option to get new ones. I also think that the drone is so cool and I want one for myself! I hope this list helps you figure out what to get the man in your life.

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  1. This is such a great gift guide, girlie! Often times, the men are forgotten on Valentine's Day and it becomes all about us, but it's nice to show our love and appreciation for them with something that's tangible, too! Such a great selection again, thanks for sharing!



    1. Thanks jalisa! You're right Valentine's day is aimed more toward the girls, but the men need some love too lol!

  2. Love these picks! Choosing gifts for guys can be so hard sometimes. I love the Patagonia and the technology ideas!!

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  3. I love the Patagonia pullover.


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