Valentine's Day Date Ideas

12:54 PM

Dinner and a movie
   I think that there is something so easily romantic about seeing a movie after having a nice dinner. I love this date night because you can make this night as casual or as fancy as you want it to be. The week before Valentine's day 50 Shades darker comes out. This is the perfect movie to see with your significant others or your girlfriends for a galetines day.

An activity/something unusual
   This year Kyle and I have decided to go skiing at my favorite ski resort, for the twilight skiing. But if skiing isn't really your thing nor is it an option for you, there are so many other options for a fun date night that you can do. There is this place where you can go indoor rock climbing or even a night of bowling. In our mall, we have a super nice bowling alley that also has a club and live music on the weekends. You sit in these nice leather couches while you wait for your turn to bowl and you can get served drinks and appetizers.

    If you are over 21 a great date night idea is to go wine tasting. Here we have a place where you can go wine tasting and chocolate tasting... that sounds like a dream. There are so many places you can go wine tasting, you could even go to dinner before or after. This is a date that you could get really dressed up at and have a good fun time. I love wine tasting it is so fun and this is even something that you could go and do with your girlfriends it is a blast.

Have/make dinner at home
   Even if you order out and set up a nice/romantic tablescape with candles, and have a sweet night in and watch a movie on the couch in you pj's. You and your significant other could cook a nice dinner together or if that is something you're not into then Another idea to incorporate into this night is to have a fondue night for dessert. Cut up strawberries, bananas, pound cake, pretzels, and anything else you want dipped into chocolate. Fondue nights are one of my favorite things to do and I think that this can be such a romantic activity to do.

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  1. I love a romantic dinner with my hubby on Valentine's Day, though in recent years we've caught on to restaurants up-ing their prices, so we either celebrate with dinner the weekend before or after, depending on what day it falls on. I also love some good 'ol Godiva, too :) Thanks for sharing these ideas, girlie, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  2. Loove your tips!
    Dora xx


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