The Perfect Snow Day Outfit

5:00 AM

Outfit: Patagonia: Snap-T fleece | Pink: Leggings (similar) | Hunter: Rain boots short | Hunter: boot socks | Fossil: Neely cat-eye sunglasses

Yesterday we had a snow day which was so nice because that meant that preschool was closed, I didn't have to go in for my one class, and we had no play practice so my entire day was cleared. I love to use snow days as a relaxing day to chill out on the couch and catch up on some homework. I also like to be as cozy as possible on snow days and this is the perfect outfit.

I received these hunter rain boots for Christmas and I am obsessed with them. I decided to get the short ones because they would look better due to how short my legs are. I went through this with the L.L. Bean bean boots, the regular size made my legs look super short so I brought them back and got the short ones. The short ones don't make my legs look nonexistent and they are more comfortable for me. I am loving these Hunter boots and the socks that go inside are so warm. I've worn them to a couple ski resorts and they are so warm and easy to walk in through the snow.

This weekend Kyle is coming home and we are going skiing at my favorite resort with our friends and I am so excited. We are going twilight skiing which is my favorite time to ski, with all the lights lighting up the trails but it is dark so that means it will be colder than during the day. I'm gonna double up on hand warmers. This is also the best outfit to ski in because it is literally the coziest outfit I own.

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  1. Love that white Patagonia! Plus your patching Hunter Boot socks - this outfit is so perfect (especially for a snowy day)! Stay warm gal :)

    Lauren Lindmark

  2. I love the sunglasses.

  3. Patagonia fleece sweaters are my favorite for cold weather! Hope you didn't get slammed with the snow too hard! We got about 13 inches here in Little Rhody.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants


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