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Out of all of the apps, I would have to say that snapchat is my favorite one. I love how it allows you to see a glimpse into people's lives and to see usually what they are eating and my personal favorite their pets. I recently made a snapchat dedicated to just my blog and I am pretty excited about it. I feel as though snapchat is a more personal social media outlet and I really like that.  So here is a glimpse into what you can see on my snapchat:

How cute are these?!?! These were the Valentine's day cards that I made for my preschool class. We had a snow day and my mom and I spent the morning making these and we had so much fun. We picked out all the red, pink, purple, and white crayons and broke them all up. Then we put pieces into each section of a heart shaped ice cube tray, then melted them down in the oven. They were actually so much fun to make and my kiddies loved them.

The view from the top of Mount Snow in Vermont is absolutely amazing. It is completely freezing and literally takes your breath away because of the wind and low temperature. But this view is so worth it along with the ride down which is equally amazing. Mount snow is my favorite ski mountain for many reasons and this view is #1. I tried to get another picture but my fingers felt like they were going to fall off.

This semester I am taking 2 online classes along with 3 in-class classes and the online classes are more work then I think I have ever had to do for one class. I am feeling so swamped with work this semester and it is a constant flow of work.

This past weekend we went to a new home decor store called At home, because I was looking for a storage unit for my makeup (coming to the blog soon). This place was more for decor items which was amazing and there was so many things to look at. There were 3 or 4 isles of just throw pillows that looked just like this, I loved it, I have to go back and pick up some things.

I am obsessed with the snapchat filters I think they can be so cute and so hysterical. My mom and I think it is hilarious to make my dad do them, which of course he hates then thinks they are so funny once he see's them. I love this filter and the one that makes your mouth look huge it reminds me of the annoying orange that used to be popular on youtube.

Add me on snapchat so we can be friends my username is: petiteinpearls

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  1. I love all the pillows.

  2. lol-how fun and wow! pillows everywhere! =_


  3. Love the idea of a little Snapchat recap! I am swooning over all the pillows, I can't believe there were even more aisles!!

    Lauren Lindmark

  4. So jealous, the snow looks so fun!!! I have never seen it before but really want to! - Katie


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