Products I Wouldn't Buy Again

5:00 AM

These are my opinion on these certain products, there are products from these companies that I love, these ones just didn't work for me.

1. Salon Graphic dry shampoo - This dry shampoo left my hair feeling super wet and more like hair spray then the powder substance that makes up dry shampoo. I felt as though it made my hair look dirtier than it was before

2. They're real mascara -  I know that this is a big favorite for a lot of people but I personally did not like the application of it or the look. I love benefit products and their other mascaras but I didn't like this one. It left my eyelashes feeling clumpy and wet, whereas I like my mascara full and plumped.

3. Beauty 360 makeup wipes - These makeup wipes were not very easy to use to get makeup off. These really tugged at my skin and if you're a frequent reader then you know I have super sensitive skin. They really left my skin feeling irritated and red, this could be because of my skin or just the product itself I'm not really sure.

4. Waver Curling iron - My mom actually got this for Christmas and she was really excited to use it, but after we all used it we were very disappointed. It leaves your hair looking like your brushed out your hair after you curled it. It was frizzy and uncurled. Although I wouldn't recommend this product I'm not giving up on it quite yet, I want to play with it and see if I can work with it.

5. L'oreal heat protectant - This left my hair feeling super oily as if spraying oil right onto your hair. It is advertised to supposed to cut any dry time but didn't and ended up making my hair feel worse and dirty after it was just washed.

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  1. So helpful, thanks for sharing!


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