Friday Five

10:48 AM

1. These Valentine's day flowers that Kyle bought for me this past weekend. They are a positive reminder that spring is coming, and I really need that right now because it is freezing outside. I love the snow because I love to ski and I love how beautiful it looks. But to be honest I'm really starting to get over it, I can't wait to be able to wear bright colors and not have to lug around a huge coat.

2. Tone it up: I love the tone it up girls, their workout videos are amazing and they are so cute and so fun to watch that it makes you want to work out. Last night I did their booty workout with Becca from the bachelor and I also did their easy arm workout. They have their own website where you can get tone it up apparel and their meal/workout plan.

3. These Clinique Crayola lipsticks: How cute are these lipsticks??? These are definitely on my wishlist, I love the colors and the look of the packaging totally sold me on how much I actually wanted these. This reminds me of the DIY's that are all over Pinterest on how to melt down crayons and make them into lipsticks (I think these might look better than that DIY).

4. Issues by Julia Michaels: I have been listening to this song on repeat, if you haven't heard this song you need to, it is so good!

5. Presidents day weekend: Look out for all the deals this weekend. I know that I will be, places like JCrew, banana republic, and Old Navy are going to have really good deals this weekend. Happy shopping!

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