January Favorites

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1. If you have never tried this dry shampoo I highly recommend it. I have used some pretty bad dry shampoos recently and this one beats all of them. This line also has one that is for brown hair and blonde hair which sprays the color brown or yellow to match the hair color. That will be my next purchase.

2. I've been hearing so much hype about this product so when I received the mini one in my Ipsy box I was pretty excited to try it out. And let me tell you the hype about this product is so try. It is hands down one of the best mascaras I have ever used, it leaves your lashes full and adds length.

3. I just received this for Christmas and it was another product that I've heard a ton about, and it's now one of my favorite makeup items. It makes your skin feel so smooth afterward and really helps to keep your face makeup on and looking fresh all day.

4. This mask is so unlike any mask that I have ever used. I talked about this mask in my favorite travel size face mask post where you can see all my other face masks that I'm loving right now.

5. This chapstick is a life saver I love the packaging and it leaves your lips feeling so refreshed.

6. This bracelet/ necklace from Lizzy James is also something that I have shown on the blog many times. This necklace can also be a bracelet, I personally like it more as a bracelet, which you just wrap it around a few times and attach it together.

7. You may have seen this agenda in my refreshing for a new semester post. I just recently started using it because the semester has just officially begun and I am loving it. It's really nice to write in something I'm excited about.

8. THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING. You need to try this NOW! My mom and I are obsessed with these because they taste amazing. It's a cup that has a mix it is and all you have to do is add 1/4 cup of water (or milk for extra protein) and then put it in the microwave for one minute. Then out comes a perfectly moist muffin that is so delicious. There is a blueberry, double chocolate, chocolate pumpkin and an apple cinnamon oat. They also have a flapjack on the go mix that I've never tried but definitely will soon. The best part is that the owners were on shark tank (which I have an obsession with).

9. One thing I love is to bring coffee into work or school with me and it makes it easier when you have a good nice cup to do it with. It is a little heavy but it's so cute it's worth it.

10. These are delicious they are all natural and gluten free. I like these as a snack during classes when I am on the go all day long. The chocolate Peanut butter is my favorite, but I really want to try the banana bread one and the chocolate chip brownie.

11. This Yankee candle charming scent is so cute. It hangs from your rear view mirror and it almost reminds me of a big Alex and Ani bracelet. There is a sphere that hangs down that can open, you can then add in the scent which looks like a small sphere of chalk and it gives off a scent and looks so cute. You can also get charms that hang with it like a cowboy boot or an anchor.

Some of my other favorites from this month:
Ariel yoga has become one of my favorite activities. It is just like regular yoga but you are on this band that hangs from the ceiling. It's an amazing experience and it has really opened my mind to the world of yoga. I think next I want to try a hot yoga class. I just love the idea of a small amount of time for myself and to clear my mind. The ariel yoga made my body feel so much better, usually when I wake up in the morning my back hurts, and it hasn't in the days following the class.

This show is so different than anything I have ever watched which is refreshing because tv can sometimes seem repetitive. This show is about Eleanor who dies and goes to "the good place" but the twist is that she should really be in "the bad place" because she was a bad person. The show is full of surprising events and can get slightly emotional. The season finale was last week but it can all be watched online and I think Hulu. 

Check out this song here

My favorite song this month has been lipstick by Runaway June. This song is about how girls shouldn't let boys walk all over them I think it's a girl empowerment song. The song says "you better love somebody who ruins your lipstick not your mascara." I love this cause it is so true, you need to find someone who treats you well and not someone who makes you cry all the time. And this music video is so cute and Luke from the bachelorette is in it!

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