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There are so many big decisions you will make as you go along in life and these decisions will have a huge impact on your life. Such as picking a college, choosing a job, getting married and starting a family. You go into these decisions knowing that they will alter your life. Then there are small decisions that won’t have as much of an impact, like cutting your hair and painting your nails. These have a low impact on your life and aren’t quite as life changing (although cutting your hair can be quite life changing). But sometimes in life, there are small decisions that end up leaving a huge impact on your life. For me, this was starting my blog. I started my blog 2 years ago as sort of a creative outlet and something that I can work on in my spare time. Little did I know that this would end up being a 2-year project that has no end in sight. I love everything that has to do with blogging. I love finding new content, taking photos of anything, things I never would have thought of taking, (like my makeup that is always dirty but I cleaned and strategically placed so that I could photograph it and then write a few paragraphs about it… weird.) but love doing so. I love figuring out how to add in new features to my blog and so much more.

One thing that was hard for me in the beginning, was that these things don’t just happen overnight. You can’t put up a post and expect people to come searching to read it. You need to work for this, you need to build relationships with readers and have a set schedule and make a plan for what you want to put out there on your blog. All of these things I personally think are really important for a person to think about when starting a blog.

There are many things that I learned from blogging that now help me in my everyday life. For one, time management, this is sometimes a struggle when it comes to juggling school, a job, and trying to finish a blog post. It’s currently 11 o’clock at night and I had school all day then went to my part time job worked out and I am finally able to sit down and start working on some posts. Time management? You have to do what works for you. I also learned about deadlines. Deadlines are something I did for myself more than anything, to challenge myself. I like to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this can be really hard some weeks especially around midterms and finals. (This is when time management comes in handy… I’m still working on it…) From starting this blog I have learned more about HTML and coding than I ever thought I would. I also learned the importance of editing photos and the perfect time of the day to take the photos. With all of these things I learned, I still wouldn’t have it any other way. I am still learning new things and shortcuts on how to do things and I love that.

Outfit: BCBGeneration: Flutter sleeve dress | Target: shoes SOLD OUT (similar) | Kendra Scott: bracelet SOLD OUT (similar

Now on to the fashion aspect, how cute is this little black dress. This LBD is from BCBG and I am obsessed. It is the perfect staple to your closet because it can literally be used for any occasion. I actually just wore this to my little sister’s, best friends sweet 16 party and it was perfect. It’s the perfect dress for a wedding or even a business event to look professional. I love LBD’S because you can make them fun with the jewelry and shoes that you decide to wear with it. I have been loving these strappy heels and I think that they add a fun touch to the outfit. I'm really sad that they are sold out from target but there are so many other pairs that are so similar I love these from Nasty Gal, I actually might like the pointed toe a little more than the open toe.

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  1. Happy 2 Years! You'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do! :)

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  2. blog anniversaries are so fun-I love how we all celebrate with blow-up numbers--happy blog-birthday-



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