New Years Eve Inspiration

9:39 AM

I love the idea of New years eve, but I feel as though the night is so glorified and at least for me I always want it to be more than it actually is. But I am determined to have a good night this year no matter what happens. One thing about New Years that I do love it the decor that comes along with it. I love these 2017 headbands, I think they are so fun, I have to get some to wear out this year!

Some things to do:

- If you are over 21 going out to a bar with a few friends to have a couple of drinks.
- Stay in and watch movies, I love the movie New Years Eve and it is perfect for the occasion. 
- Throw a party, this way you have an excuse to buy all the cute decor.

Even though there are high expectations for this night, it's supposed to be a night that is fun and to bring in the new year no matter how you celebrate.

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  1. Love those headbands! We usually stay in and play Cards Against Humanity and make fun drinks. And love that movie, too!

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  2. I love the excitement of NYE :) this year we're spending some time with our families, then heading to a party with friends! whatever you end up doing I hope you have lots of fun :)

    The Fashionista Bubble

  3. I always find NY such an anti climax. Not sure what it's like where you are but such a chore trying to wade through the crowd to get a drink, lack of taxis and hiked entry fees normally put a downer on it for me. Notwithstanding, it is good to welcome a new year with loved ones.
    Hope you have a fab Christmas and new year xoxo


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