Last Minute Gift Ideas

9:37 AM

I can't believe that we are this close to Christmas. It is now crunch time, where we have to get everything we need now, or never. I came up with a few items that I thought would be perfect for that last minute small gift to grab for someone. I usually keep the people that I don't really now, like coworkers or distant friends till the last minute because I am never sure what to get them. 

I think that gift cards are always a good idea. Target is my favorite to get people, because there is something for everyone in that store. This cute Starbucks card with the gingerbread man on it is an e-card that you can send someone online and I also think that's a great idea. This is a good idea for a long distance family member or friend. 

I personally think that bath and body works is always a good idea. I love these little gift sets because they are so easy and already look so cute with little effort! I love the hand sanitizer set, this is a perfect teacher gift because you can never get enough hand sanitizer working in a school. I also love the variety of the warm vanilla set. 

How cute are the Christmas mugs!! I am obsessed with these mugs I already bought a couple for Christmas gifts and actually used one in my work grab bag. The lady that got it said she was going to make her french cappuccino in it which I thought was so funny and so cute! I love the Santa face one, they also have a reindeer one which is equally as cute!

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