Homemade Christmas Stockings

11:56 AM

First we cut out the pattern, this pattern had two different sized stockings, a gift sack, and a Christmas tree skirt for only 99¢. This was slightly difficult because the pattern had so much stuff on it and it was so big that it was difficult to maneuver around it.

Second we folded the plaid fabric in half and cut out two pieces to make the outside of the stocking. We cut around the outer of the pattern to make room to fold the inside in.

Third, we cut out the lining which was soft and fuzzy but super hard to cut. We also folded this fabric in half to cut out two pieces and the sewed the plaid and the linings together to make two halves and then sewed each half together. Next, we cut out a new piece of the lining to make the top piece that folded over.

My favorite part about Christmas morning is seeing what's in my stocking when my brother and sister and I were little my mom made us matching homemade stockings that have all of our names on them. This year I noticed that Kyle didn't have one, so I thought it would be fun to make him one. I thought it was going to be super hard but thanks to Kaitlin it wasn't hard at all. The worst part was cutting the white fuzzy inner lining. We got a pattern and the fabrics from hobby lobby all for under 20$. It was actually really fun to do and we made Kaitlin one too so now we all have one!!
A big thanks to Kait I couldn't have done this without her!

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  1. You did such a good job, I love the paid!

  2. This looks so good! I would love to make one.
    Gemma x


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