Holiday Makeup Giftsets

6:29 AM

            There are so many beauty product gift sets that are available during the holiday time that it is hard to pick which ones you want. That's why I came up with this list of my top favorites that are new this year. I think that beauty sets make such good gifts because a lot of them have a variety of different products all packaged into one item. Such as the 12 days of beauty from ultra, this one comes with so many different products all packaged into one and I also love this one because it’s like an advent calendar which adds an extra touch of fun! I am also loving the too faced holiday box which comes with three different eyeshadow palettes and each has a different scent. One is gingerbread coffee, the next is peppermint mocha, and the third is eggnog latte. These beauty holiday sets so are perfect for anyone!

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  1. My sister is so into makeup, this gift guide is perfect for her!

  2. Great Picks!

  3. nice post as usual :)


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